Article text

The article text of a search is the content of an article corresponding to your search criteria.

A search for similar articles is automatically executed for each article text. In the Similar articles area, those articles closest to the current article text are displayed.

The Linked articles or Linked images area displays a list of articles or images that are linked by content to the article or image displayed.

For more information on tips and tricks for article texts, click here.


Browsing Click the arrows / display previous/next page and / display first/last page to display other articles.

To print or save an article, click print or save.

The Print/Save full text dialog is displayed.

Choose whether or not you also want to print or save metadata.

For saving full texts with attachments, in the Image/Other attachments area, you can define the format you want to use for the attachments. Together with the full text, they will be saved to a ZIP file.

In the lower part of the dialog, choose the text size. Here you can also define whether or not you want to highlight search terms.

Complete the action by clicking print or save.

Saving several articles (with attachments)

To print or save the full text of several articles together with their attachments in a ZIP file, go back to the Search results, mark the required articles by activating their checkboxes, and click print or save.

The Print/Save hit list dialog is displayed.

Choose Full texts and select the format you want to use to print or save the attachments.

Click the button for printing or saving the full texts. The button indicates how many full texts will be printed or saved.


Click file to add the selected articles to a folder. Choose an existing folder from the list, or click New folder to add the article(s) to a folder still to be named.

Headers of articles
Source In the upper part of the header of an article, information on the source is given.
Keywords The center part of the header displays the keywords.
Title In the lower part, the title of the article is indicated.


If an article pertains to a picture, the header displays a thumbnail. Clicking the link below the preview opens/saves a picture. If different resolutions or file formats are available, they are also presented for choice.
High-res (JPG) Opens/saves the original picture as a JPG file with maximum resolution.
Low-res (JPG) Opens/saves the picture with reduced resolution.

Article content

Rich text By default, the article content is displayed as formatted rich text with highlighting of the search terms.
Structured plain text

Alternatively you can use formatted rich text in a way that shows all metadata as well as the content of the article in a structured format.

To use this display option, go to the Settings and choose Structured plain text from the Text format dropdown list.

You can select parts of the article’s content directly within the web browser and copy it to the clipboard of your computer. The content of the article may contain active hyperlinks.


Credits If an article pertains to a picture, a mandatory credit is displayed at the end of the article.
Files For articles with attachments (e.g. PDFs of a newspaper item), a small preview picture of the file is displayed if available. Click the hyperlink to open or save the original content. Doing so may involve additional charges.

Buttons and links

Via the navigation path you can go back from the article text to the previously displayed list or gallery:
Back to the hit list or gallery In the navigation path, click Search results.
Back to alerts In the navigation path, click Alerts.
Back to folders In the navigation path, click Folders.