The Events page is used to search for articles on national and international events.

You can use search templates to facilitate frequent searches. A search template consists of the search term, the time period of the search as well as the sources to be searched.

For more information on tips and tricks for events, click here.

Search term

No search term To display all events of the selected time period and sources with any additional search options, leave the grey search field empty.
Entering search terms To limit the search result to events containing certain words, enter these words in the grey search field.
While you enter a search term, a list of suggestions for a likely completion of your search term is displayed.
You can refine your search terms with further options such as linking several words with logical operators or using placeholders in connection with variations of words.

If you use the logical UND/AND or a space to separate several words, the search result will only contain events where all the words you have entered will be present.

With the logical ODER/OR , all events containing one of the words you have entered will be included in the search result.

Clearing search terms

Click Clear search term to remove all entries from the search field.

Time period

To define the time period of your search, choose one of the following options:

Relative time specifications

From the dropdown list, choose a period of time.

All periods of time are in reference to the current time.

Manual selection In the date fields, enter the respective dates.
Calendar Click the calendar symbol to select the respective date.

Search options

The Search options area consists of two sides:

On the left side, you choose whether you want to make definitions for Sources, Regions, Departments, Sectors, Event types or Service features. To do so, click the respective text.

The right side displays the available options.

Sources Choose the sources you want to consider in your search.
Regions Restrict your search of events to particular regions (e.g. International (without EU, CEE)).
Departments Choose the departments you are interested in (e.g. Au├čenpolitik - Foreign affairs).
Sectors Choose the sectors you are interested in (e.g. Energy, Industry, etc.).
Event types Restrict your search of events to particular event types (e.g. Pressetermine - Press events).
Service features Restrict your search of events to particular service features (e.g. abgesagt - cancelled).
(all) To carry out a search for all categories of a particular type, deactivate all checkboxes or click no restriction.
Removing restrictions For the purpose of clarity, all restrictions are indicated as hyperlinks. Click the respective text to remove the restriction.

Buttons and links

Search templates To save the current search criteria as a search template for later reuse, enter a search template name in the text field New search template in the Search templates area and click create. The new search template is displayed in the Personal search templates area.
Reset search form Click reset search form to remove all of your changes and reset the form to the standard settings.

Click search to search for all events meeting the criteria you have defined.

The list of search results is displayed.